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Firm Overview:

Founded in 1990, Arizmendi Law Firm has been providing quality legal services with emphasis on wills, trusts, bankruptcy, business, real estate, civil litigation, asset protection family law, and personal injury for more than 24 years. The bankruptcies we handle are debtors in Chapter 7, 11, 13 and even 20's, for both consumers and small businesses.


Arizmendi Law Firm was established in December of 1990, right after I passed the bar exam. I initially started my practice focusing on bankruptcies, personal injuries, family law, and workers compensation.

Firm's Focus:

Ruben Arizmendi is an ethical and professional attorney with experience serving the San Diego community and the State of California. Our focus is to help people better their lives by educating and advising them of their options.

Our Core Values:

Clients. We are committed to providing value to our clients as trusted advisers and legal counsel. It is also important to us that we contribute to our clients’ success through superior legal services that combine the highest levels of excellence, integrity and professionalism with cost-efficiency and a clear understanding of our clients’ business goals.

Community. We are committed to making our workplace an inclusive community that values our diversity, our professional development, a healthy integration of personal and professional life, as well as leadership in and service to the legal profession and the communities in which we live.

Colleagues. We are committed to the success and profitability of this Firm and will support each other and collaborate as a team in pursuing that success and profitability with energy, hard work, innovation, candor, entrepreneurial spirit and shared sacrifice for our common good.

"In the Cloud." We are commited to your privacy and your documents are our top priority! At Arizmendi Law Firm, we keep all our files and work "in the cloud" (secured web-based) server. Your files are transferred securely using TLS (Transport Layer Security) and are stored "in the cloud" in an encrypted format using 128-bit AES—the same level of protection used for online financial transactions.  In addition to the protection, security, and the peace of mind that we provide to our clients, being in the cloud gives us the ability to service clients all over the world.

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