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Asset Protection

Are you concerned about legal troubles following your passing? If you are, one way to protect yourself is with an asset protection plan. In the state of California, individuals are able to create domestic asset protection trusts that allow you to secure a portion of your finances for your family. If you have finances that need to be protected from creditors then this could be the solution that you are in search of. Individuals who are interested in protecting their assets should consult with an attorney in order to discuss his or her options for
asset protection.


Having wills and trusts in place is just one part of planning for the future. It is also important that you engage an asset protection plan in order to protect your assets so that you can transfer your personal wealth onto other family members and benefactors. At Arizmendi Law Firm we can help create and establish asset protection that can be integrated with your current estate plan.


Listed Below Are Some Of The Asset Protection Options Available With The Assistance Of Arizmendi Law Firm in San Diego CA:

•Domestic Asset Protection Trust Creation

•Offshore Trust Creation

•Splitting Assets

•Asset Gifting

•Homestead Exemption

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