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  "peace of mind"


•Do you owe more than you can pay?

•Are you are having trouble paying credit card, medical, or other bills?

•Is a lender threatening to foreclose on your home or other real property, or threatening to repossess your car?

•Are creditors phoning, dunning, threatening and/or suing you?

•Do you need a clean slate in order to avoid creditors from acting against you?

•Do you need to discharge debts?

•Is your business losing money, and you co-signed or personally guaranteed its debts?

In a city filled with beautiful beaches, parks, monuments, and history, it is no wonder that San Diego is such a desirable place to live. Every year, the cost of living in San Diego continues to climb, businesses have been closing due to COVID-19 leaving San Diegans to deal with the economic turmoil. Each year, thousands of California work to regain financial stability by filing for bankruptcy in the Southern District of California Bankruptcy Court, also known as the San Diego Bankruptcy Court. Bankruptcy is a process where certain debts of yours are discharged, wiped out, or reduced. Although filing bankruptcy can be an emotional process, this is often due to the misconceptions about how a bankruptcy works. 

Just as our family law practice offers clients a new opportunity in life and a clear field for future effort in their personal lives, our bankruptcy practice offers clients the same with respect to their finances. If you are facing financial problems, start by meeting with our bankruptcy counsel to determine the best course of action.

In a chapter 7 bankruptcy, individual debtors will be released from personal liability for most of their debts through the discharge process. However, not all debts are subject to discharge, and not all entities that file for Chapter 7 can participate in the process of discharging debts.

Our office handles primarily consumer bankruptcy cases under Chapter 7. We help debtors every day obtain the fresh financial start that the law has offered for centuries. Individuals, partnerships, corporations, and other business entities may qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy, as determined by a personal interview.

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