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Living Trusts

Keep your family protected

What is a Living Trust?

The living trust in California is a private document implementing your wishes and without it the government will make choices that may not be in your best interest. is a written legal document that puts your assets into a trust for your benefit while you are alive, and then gets transferred to authorized beneficiaries upon one's death, known as the “successor trustee.”

Should you have a Living Trust is you live in California?

Se les aconseja a todos aquellos que son dueños de casas y/o negocios en San Diego, tener un Fideicomiso. Esto de hecho, es aconsejable, para todas las personas que viven en el Estado de California. Un gran beneficio es que un Fideicomiso, les ahorrará a usted y a su familia, grandes cantidades de dinero, de los largos procesos que son los juicios sucesorios aquí en California, y de todos los costos que estos conllevan. Los juicios sucesorios pueden ser muy largos, y caros.


Para las familias que tienen casas caras, o muchas propiedades, no es raro que el ahorra que debe hacerse para mantenerlas, sea el doble. Tener a su disposición un Fideicomiso, asegura que esos fondos o cuentas de ahorro, vayan directamente a los miembros de tu familia, sobre todo tus hijos. Sin un Fideicomiso en San Diego, las cuentas de ahorra no serían opción. 

The Benefits of Creating a Living Trust

If you have a living trust, it results in a faster distribution of assets to your beneficiaries.

One of the main benefits of a living trust in California is that the estate does not go through probate. On the other hand, a will is a written legal document with a plan of distribution of your assets upon your death.

Having a valid will and going through the California probate process can take anywhere from six months to over two years to complete and may require the hiring of lawyers throughout the process. And even if you die without a will, if the value of your estate surpasses a threshold amount, it still has to pass through the California probate system. With a living trust in California, your loved ones will likely wait just a few weeks. Your successor trustee will simply follow your instructions.


Whether you’re working with a will or a living trust, our dedicated San Diego Living Trust and Probate attorneys can help guide you through the entire process with helpful counsel and support.

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