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"I can't begin to thank Mr. Arizmendi and Marlene for all the help they provided me during my financial troubles. The fees he charged were fair and he is a very caring and astute attorney. He is very experienced and that is why I chose him in the first place. He knows a lot about Business law and it showed. The experience was not as painful as I thought it would be because Mr. Arizmendi patiently explained everything calmly. I would HIGHLY recommend Arizmendi Law Firm for any business law or bankruptcy need you may have."

A A.


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"Thank you Arizmendi Law Firm! My experience was great, thanks to Mr. Arizmendi and his team. Gracias por todo. If you ever need an attorney for any business, estate planning or bankruptcy he is your man! My aunt recommended Ruben and I am so glad I went with him. I will forever be grateful to Ruben for helping me in a low moment of my financial path."

Diosa Alkemizta



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"I have had the WONDERFUL pleasure of working with Ruben and his team on my bankruptcy and loan modification case and I must say that I was VERY pleased with the legal representation I received.  I met Mr. Arizmendi at several community events and went out of my way to personally find his contact information on line as they have a very strict non-solicitation policy at these events.  I then asked him to petition for a change in bankruptcy counsel so that I could have him handle my case.  My previous bankruptcy attorney was largely a "bankruptcy mill" type firm who only wanted to collect their filing file, file my case and move on to the next "sucker" who needed bankruptcy protection.  But my case did not fit their "bankruptcy mill" format because I was not just filing BK but I needed a loan modification to KEEP my home once I had the automatic stay in place.  This is where Ruben's personal attention to my COMPLETE bankruptcy, financial and legal needs came into play.  He and I crafted a strategy to keep my Chapter 13 case active while fighting for the loan modification to make sure the BK filing "had teeth" and would be successful.  With his help we negotiated a successful Chapter 13 plan modification AND a very successful loan modification that cut my mortgage payment in half (from $2800 down to $1400)!!!  I can only say THANK YOU RUBEN FOR BEING A GREAT LAWYER AND A CARING HUMAN BEING at the same time!!!  I was so impressed with his services that I immediately retained him to do my living trust which was completed just last week!  Ruben Arizmendi and his team give lawyers a GOOD name which is hard to say in these times when most attorneys are only looking for billable hours or a retainer fee and care nothing about the long term success or happiness of their clients!  Lawyers reading this review need to take a clue: Treat clients like people and apply your legal craft and you will not only have great clients but an advocate for YOU AS A PERSON and as a lawyer!  Your professional reputation is only as good as the person you are behind the JD degree!!!  I will continue to refer clients to the Arizmendi Law Firm because they really care about you and the overall success of your case!!!"


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 "Attorney Ruben Arizmendi is very caring and professional. He listens and answered all of our questions. The time he took to help us understand why we needed a living trust and asset protection was priceless. Estate planning is never talked about when you're young but is very important for your family in the future when your health is poor or if you pass on. We are very grateful for his time and the plan he suggested to protect my family, our business and to avoid probate in the future. We highly recommend Attorney Ruben Arizmendi Law Firm and his friendly staff when you need the best advice to protect yourself, your family and set up asset protection."

Joe Martinez 

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 "Smart Attorney and very helpful. Spoke to him on the phone and very smart and well informed of the laws. He hasnt done my case yet,but I have full confidence to hire him. He takes the time to explain and really help you however he can."


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"I fully endorse this lawyer. Ruben Arizmendi is an attorney I truly admire for his commitment to clients, to the community, to family, and his peers. He has been a generous colleague, mentor and friend for many years. Having been a certified interpreter, his bilingual knowledge is superior. He is instantly likeable, trustworthy and reassuring. Legal procedures are inherently stressful and Ruben has a unique ability to put persons at ease."

Asaph Abrams

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"He is a trustworthy attorney that has done excellent work for many of my family members. I would recommend him to you. He is excellent with bankruptcies and estate planning."

Cecilia V.

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“Ruben was wonderful. He helped me and was very professional and friendly.”Hired Ruben as an Attorney in 2008 and hired Ruben more than once.


Bridget E.